Theme parks in France

Some of the Europe's most visited theme parks are located in France. Disneyland Paris, Puy Du Fou, Asterix Park, Futuroscope are only some of the big players of the massive french theme park market.

According to Wikipedia, France is the country with the most theme parks in Europe; there are at least 155 theme parks in France.

French people love amusement parks, and they have every reason to do that, as in France there are some of the best theme parks in Europe.  It can be hard to narrow down the must-sees on your visit, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Continue reading to find out the best theme parks in France that will give you an experience that you will never forget! 

Let’s have a look at the most important ones 👇

Theme parks in France

Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris

No trip to Paris (oh Paris) would be complete without checking out Disneyland Paris. The park park is located in Chessy, 30km east of Paris. Disneyland Resort Paris boasts of two enormous parks (Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney Studios), 7 Disney owned hotels, Disney Village Nature, and a complex that offers shopping, restaurants, and even more entertainment. It’s the biggest Disney Park outside of America, and it has an overwhelming amount of sights, attractions, and rides to offer visitors. The most famous roller coasters in the park are Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Stark’s Test I.A. Coaster. However, the Phantom Manor and the nature resorts are also a must!

Asterix Park

Asterix park, Paris

Based on the well-loved comic book series “Asterix,” this amusement park is one of the largest, second only to Disneyland. Parc Astérix has a diverse variety of roller coasters, many with a fascinating historical theme. Some of the best rides at the park are the Pégase Express, a steel roller coaster, and the L’Oxygénarium, an enormous water slide. On top of this, there is an immersive 4D cinema experience called “Attention Menhir” and one of the biggest dolphin enclosures in the continent called Le Delphinarium.

Puy Du Fou

Puy du Fou in France

Nestled in Les Epesses (in the Pays de la Loire region of France), this historical theme park offers a unique slice of culture and entertainment. The park focuses on fascinating live shows set against an authentic Middle Age Castle. There are twenty-six main shows, and the most popular include The Secret of the Lance, which follows a young female shepherdess who has to defend her castle against English knights. Luckily, she wields a lance that possesses magical powers!

There is also The Vikings, which features a Viking longboat that emerges from underneath the water. There is even The Phantom Bird’s Dance, where real-life falcons and almost two hundred birds fly around the audience. 

Puy du Fou is an essential stop on your French trip, and it will be a fantastic story to tell your friends at home.


Futuroscope in France

Located in the stunning regional area of Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, Futuroscope is one of the most unique and distinctive parks in the world. You won’t discover any traditional roller coasters or rides, but the team at Futuroscope has a very different experience to offer. One of the biggest attractions in Futuroscope is that they have all the different types of IMAX screens. This is why it’s a hotspot for families and movie buffs alike. 

The park is futuristic and surrounded by the relaxing French countryside. However, don’t let appearances fool you! Even though everything is digital, the rides are just as thrilling and exciting as the real thing – even better!

Attendance at theme parks in France (for 2019)

attendance at theme parks in France

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