Asterix Park, France

Asterix Park in France

🥇 Asterix park is maybe the most authentic amusement park in France.

Asterix Park, the most "french" theme park

Asterix Park (in french Parc Astérix) is may be the most authentic French theme park. It’s a fantastic park for recreation and adventure, inspired by Uderzo’s and Gosini’s world famous series of Asterix comics. 

Asterix Park is the second most visited theme park in France. An average of 1.8 million visitors visit the park every year making it one of the most imortant theme parks in Europe. 

The park is made up of several amusement lands, playgrounds, and slopes, while the visitor can get lost in the proud Gallic village, enjoy stories, play and take pictures with the popular comic book heroes.

Do not think that it is a theme park exclusively for children. The opposite. Often you will find more adults than children in this very popular park with roller coasters, breathtaking rides and great skits. Asterix, Obelix, Abraracourcix, Cétautomatix, Mimina, Romans are waiting for you.

Asterix park roller coaster

How to get to Asterix Park

The park is located 30 kilometers in the north of Paris, in the Plailly Forest in Oise and is part of a vast forest area of 33 hectares.

The transport from Paris to Asterix Park is very easy and economical and can be done by car or bus. 

Asterix Park tickets

You can either book your tickets directly in the official website here or from an official ticket reseller like Tiqets. In any case, it is highly advised to book your tickets in advance.  

Map of Asterix Park

Having a map of the parc Asterix is a must in order to prepare your visit, and your day at the park. The park is big and the rides and things to do are many. Follow the link below to get the interactive map of Asterix park

There is also the possibility to download the official app of the park which is available on both App Store and Google Play.

Book your tickets for Asterix Park here:


  • Choose the date that you wish to visit the park and then click on Book now.
  • Following that, you will be redirected to the tiquets website where you can complete your booking.
  • You will get your e-ticket by mail after a couple of minutes. As simple as that.

Rides & attractions

Park Asterix has a total 39 different attractions.

6 breathtaking roller coasters 🤩
5 rides in the water 

What we loved:

Oziris: A roller coaster for strong stomachs. It reaches a height of 40 meters and its speed exceeds 90 km/h 😅

Zeus Toners: It is the second largest wooden roller coaster in Europe. It can get to up to 80 km/h

Goudourix: A fantastic ride that you will never forger 😅 

Menhir Express: You, in a cute boat-tree trunk and… in the water 💧

Discobelix: It’s a giant disc that rotates endlessly and at high speed 🎶

oziris ride in Asterix park
Oziris, Parc Astérix